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02/27/09  (jp)


European Peer Review Manual  Creative Commons License

Improvement and fine-tuning of the European Peer Review Procedure taking into account the needs of the new partner countries.

The European Peer Review Manual is available here.


National scenarios for the implementation of Peer Review within the CQAF

Guidelines, scenarios and recommendations for the implementation of Peer Review within the CQAF from a system level perspective to ensure that the methodology fits in with the initiatives launched at national/regional/local/sectoral levels.

The scenarios include Austria, Spain (Catalonia), Finland, Hungary, and Italy.

Download: Implementing Peer Review as part of the CQAF. National scenarios


European Peer Review Tool-box Creative Commons License

A practical tool-box providing practical instruments for VET providers (forms, checklists, additional information and recommendations) und thus supporting the implementation of Peer Review and the CQAF.

The tool-box is available here.


Contribution of Peer Review to the CQAF

A report dealing with the contribution of Peer Review to the CQAF.

Download: Peer Review and the CQAF


Final Project Conclusions

Joint assessment and conclusions of the project partners drawn up at the 3rd Transnational Meeting in Barcelona, December 13-14, 2007.

Download: Final Project Conclusions